The Legacy Process

In helping our clients move forward in their transition, we begin with three questions: What would you like to see happen with your business?; what steps have you taken to make that happen?; and what’s your next step to keep engaged in something fulfilling after the business has been transferred?

Our process is designed to provide you with the comfort, clarity and confidence to begin (or to restart) your plan.

Comfort grows with having someone knowledgeable and independent to talk to about options and process, quieting the noise from parties pushing a transaction. Our Confidential Assessment (sm) provides: an analysis of the value of the business using established methodologies; a formal presentation to you of our analysis; a discussion of practical options for the business and for you; and identification of potential risk areas.

Clarity comes from a focus on your chosen path and your next step after transfer. This might be a new business venture, a family foundation, non-profit work or retirement. As you get excited about what’s coming next, it becomes easier to look at the business as the means to get there, reducing some of the emotional strains of leaving your “baby.”

Confidence emerges as you begin to implement your transition plan. Legacy Partners helps set the priorities, identify any needed specialist resources beyond your trusted advisors and coordinate the planning team throughout the process.