As a business owner considering
the transition of ownership...What will be your next step?

Legacy Partners, LLC can guide you through the transition from business ownership to your next step, be it retirement or a corporate, philanthropic or other venture. We bring structure and organization to a complicated, complex decision while alleviating much of the fear and worry that comes with a business transition. Through our discrete process, we review your business options and provide you with the right resources at the right time, as your advocate.

If this describes you...

  • I have a rough plan for my business, but I need someone to talk to about the options.
  • I've received an unsolicited bid to buy my business and have so many questions.
  • I have no idea of how to get out or what to do after I sell or transfer my business.
  • I am ready to get out of the business, but my partner is not. What are my options?
  • My children aren’t ready to take over the family business. What are our options?
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... then let Legacy Partners be your first step.